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What's New?

This page is a timeline of changes, feature releases and bug fixes made to the Sweet Pricing application.

  • 2016-11-16 Release new analytics tab with 'Stores' and 'Users' reports.
  • 2016-11-15 New apps use MAU-based, end-of-month billing.
  • 2016-11-08 Change engagement metric to represent average number of sessions in a 14 day period.
  • 2016-11-07 Add Live Feed to show incoming events in real-time.
  • 2016-09-02 Add onboarding course of emails to help publishers go live.
  • 2016-08-01 Registration flow to give a quote based on estimate of an app's monthly active users.
  • 2016-07-26 Add 'Find my app' functionality to the registration flow.
  • 2016-07-04 Change filters on analytics tab to allow complex rules (e.g. 'is one of' or 'greater than').
  • 2016-07-04 Add engagement metric for use in analytics and segmentation rules.
  • 2016-06-29 Release of segmented pricing functionality.
  • 2016-06-09 Fix appearance of analytics tab when there is no data.
  • 2016-05-18 Release REST API documentation.
  • 2016-05-11 Add filter options to the Analytics tab.
  • 2016-05-03 Initial Release: First Version of App Manager, Android and iOS client libraries.