Important Notice Sweet Pricing will shut down on 13 November 2018. Read more here.

Segmented Pricing for Mobile Apps

Our segmented pricing tool gives you the power to adjust in-app prices to targeted user groups.

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Use the Prices tab to change segmented pricing rules for in-app purchases.

Use Sweet Pricing Analytics to Identify Segments

Find the best way to segment your users for pricing. The Users view of Sweet Pricing Analytics helps you identify the user attributes that have the strongest relationship with revenue.

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Use analytics to identify user attributes that have a strong predictive relationship with freemium revenue.

Define Audience Segments on Multiple Attributes

Segment your users by one or more attributes including engagement, location and any custom data you provide to Sweet Pricing. Our segmentation tool supports a wide range of filters for ultimate flexibility.

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Create a user segment using a combination of user and device attributes.

Update Segmented Pricing Without Redeploying Your App

Keep your segmented pricing model up to date with the latest data and business decisions. You can deploy a new pricing model direct from Sweet Pricing or run an A/B test with a slice of your audience.

Get the SDK

Deploy segmented pricing models from the Prices tab in Sweet Pricing.

Segment Pricing by Custom User Attributes

Use our mobile SDK to send custom user data to Sweet Pricing. Your custom user data will show up on the Analytics tab and you can use the attributes in your segmented pricing models.

Get the SDK

Mobile app publishers can provide custom user data to Sweet Pricing.