Important Notice Sweet Pricing will shut down on 13 November 2018. Read more here.

Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Apps

Our dynamic pricing tool uses machine learning to optimize in-app purchases for every user in real time.

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The dynamic pricing tab in Sweet Pricing allows you to control the pricing algorithm.

Dynamic Pricing Algorithm for In-App Purchases

Maximize revenue from your in-app purchases with dynamic pricing. Sweet Pricing's machine learning algorithms optimize prices for every user in real time without the need to define complex pricing rules.

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Select 'dynamic' from the Prices tab to turn on the dynamic pricing algorithms.

Real Time Dashboard of Dynamic Pricing Requests

See the decisions that our dynamic pricing algorithm makes in real time. The dynamic pricing dashboard shows the volume of pricing requests and the specific price points showed in your mobile app.

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The dynamic pricing tab in Sweet Pricing gives a global view of the algorithm's decisions.

Configure the Dynamic Pricing Algorithm to Your Needs

Control the user data that our dynamic pricing algorithm can use. Sweet Pricing gives you control over which user attributes are learned by our machine learning algorithms.

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Use the Configuration pane in Sweet Pricing to control which user attributes are used by the machine learning algorithm.

Combine Dynamic Pricing with Segmented Pricing

Create targeted pricing schemes using segmented pricing and dynamic pricing together. Our tools are compatible so you can run static, segmented and dynamic pricing tests at the same time.

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You can use dynamic pricing for all or some of your in-app purchases.