Mobile games use dynamic pricing to generate revenue

Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Games: When, Why and How?

Sweet Pricing Team
By: Sweet Pricing Team
April 25, 2018

With the huge surge in mobile phone usage worldwide, the way people use their mobile phones day-to-day is changing. More than ever, casual gamers are turning to mobile games to provide entertainment. Similar to the shift from web to mobile for information, gamers are turning from other forms of play to mobile gaming.

Mobile games have come a long way, too. It is pleasantly surprising to see how gameplay has progressed to become more immersive and detailed. Perhaps most interesting, though, is the change in monetization. There has been a shift from pay-per-copy to a model driven by in-app purchases.

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Nataliia Kharchenko shows how mobile apps can improve user retention and engagement to build strong brand-loyal communities of users.

7 Ways Mobile Apps Can Build Brand-loyal Communities

Nataliia Kharchenko
By: Nataliia Kharchenko
August 23, 2017

The following is a guest post by Nataliia Kharchenko. Nataliia is a technical writer at Cleveroad, a web and app development company in Ukraine that successfully implements various projects of any complexity. The main goal of the company is to provide clients with quality and exceptional software. Find out more about guest posts.

The modern consumer market is extremely competitive. Now it is not only the idea of your mobile app that matters but the community which you build around your product and your brand. The majority of the world’s largest brands have already applied this approach and proved that this direction brings not only higher revenue but can also guarantee a longer life in the market. But first things first.

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Alex Volski asks how much an MVP mobile app costs in 2017

How Much Does an MVP Mobile App Really Cost in 2017?

Alex Volski
By: Alex Volski
August 1, 2017

The following is a guest post by Alex Volski. Alex is a tech/copywriter and a business analyst at Thinkmobiles for more than 5 years. He is currently working on multiple mobile app projects that include AR/VR. Contact Alex for additional information about mobile app development or if you find some interesting stuff about AR. Find out more about guest posts.

Before we start, let’s find out what an MVP is. This is an abbreviation for a minimal viable product. The term was created by Frank Robinson in 2001, but it got popular thanks to Steve Blank and Eric Ries. But what does minimal viable product mean?

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App Store Now Shows App Developer’s Replies to User Reviews

App Store Now Shows App Developer’s Replies to User Reviews

Brendon Boshell
By: Brendon Boshell
April 3, 2017

App developers can now reply to user reviews on the Apple App Store. By leveraging replies, app developers can improve user experience and indirectly encourage users to update their negative reviews.

Reviews are important. They are one of few trust signals, helping users decide whether to download or buy a mobile app from the App Store. This is why reviews have been critical to an app developer’s app store optimization strategy.

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Pricing As a Service for In-App Purchases

Pricing as a Service: How Mobile Apps Can Optimize In-App Purchases

Brendon Boshell
By: Brendon Boshell
March 23, 2017

Most mobile apps today use static pricing. Prices are hardcoded into a mobile app and rarely change. But with freemium mobile apps taking a data-driven approach to improve monetization metrics, app developers are looking at ‘pricing as a service’ solutions like Sweet Pricing to increase revenue and engage price-sensitive users.

Traditional consumer businesses, including many store-based retailers, have previously thought of pricing as more of an art than a science. The lack of data has made it difficult to understand consumer purchasing behavior and even more difficult to create actionable insights in terms of pricing.

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