Important Notice Sweet Pricing will shut down on 13 November 2018. Read more here.


Sweet Pricing Documentation

The Sweet Pricing documentation pages help you manage your apps and in-app stores, install Sweet Pricing using our Android and iOS client libraries and build custom integrations with our REST API.

What is Sweet Pricing?

Sweet Pricing is a dynamic pricing and analytics tool for mobile app publishers. You can build Sweet Pricing into your existing Android or iOS mobile app, and use our online software to manage the prices of in-app purchases.

With the Sweet Pricing Analytics tool, you can monitor revenue performance figures over time, analyze historical in-app purchase behavior and filter users on a wide range of user attributes. Analytics is available on both Sweet Pricing Lite and Sweet Pricing Pro.

We provide three pricing tools. Our price testing tool helps you choose optimal price points for your in-app purchases, but it does not tailor prices to specific users or groups of users. If you want to target specific groups of users, you can use our mobile segmentation tool. You can define your own user segments and optimize prices for each group. Segmented pricing is a type of dynamic pricing.

Sweet Pricing Dynamic offers a more sophisticated form of dynamic pricing, backed by machine learning algorithms. Dynamic is due for release in October, 2016. Please contact us to register your interest.

See our homepage for more about dynamic pricing for mobile apps.

Sign up Sweet Pricing With Your Existing Android or iOS Mobile App

If your app uses in-app purchases, you can use Sweet Pricing. Please use our registration tool to find your existing Android or IOS app. Once you find your app, you can sign up and follow our get started checklist to install Sweet Pricing.

We price Sweet Pricing subscription plans by monthly active users. For most apps, our registration tool can give you an instant quote for Lite and Pro. If we do not have a reliable estimate of your app's monthly active users, the registration tool will tell you to contact us for a quote.