Simple Percent of Revenue Pricing

Choose a plan for your existing Android or iOS mobile app. We take a small 2.3% - 3.3% cut of your revenue per month.

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Q & A

How does billing work?

We bill at the end of your monthly billing cycle based on actual usage. We add up the monthly active users (MAU) for each app and charge your credit card according to the above pricing.

Which credit cards can I use?

You can use Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover. Payments are processed via Stripe. Invoicing is available for large accounts.

How do I set up Sweet Pricing?

One of your developers must install our Android or iOS SDK in your mobile app. On average it takes no more than 1 developer day to set up.

What are monthly active users?

We calculate monthly active users as the number of users who have had at least one session in the past 30 days. For billing, this is the 30 day period ending on the day before your billing date.

Do you offer an annual plan?

Since our plans are based on actual usage, rather than pre-paid, we do not currently offer annual plans.

Why Managed rather than Dynamic?

Sweet Pricing Dynamic is a self-service solution. If you need help with implementation, phone and email support or a service-level agreement, you will need to subscribe to our Managed plan.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, even during a billing cycle. Billing is prorated according to the ratio between the number of active users in the periods before and after your change.

Is Pro easier to implement?

No, the implementation is identical since both Pro and Dynamic use the same SDK. The only difference is the functionality offered within Sweet Pricing.

What discounts are available?

Our standard billing applies to all accounts with less than 500,000 MAU. Larger accounts should contact sales for a bespoke managed solution.