Important Notice Sweet Pricing will shut down on 13 November 2018. Read more here.

Sweet Pricing FAQ

Here are the questions we hear most often about Sweet Pricing. Contact us if you need more information.

1 How long does it take to install Sweet Pricing?

Implementation will take around 4 hours of developer time. There are no UI changes necessary and no major changes needed to your in-app purchase flow.

2 How does Sweet Pricing override prices in Google Play/iTunes?

It doesn't. You can must obtain a unique product ID for each price point that you sell at. For example, if you sell '500 coins' at $1.99 and $2.99, you must have two product IDs: com.sweetpricing.500.1_99 and com.sweetpricing.500.2_99. Once Apple or Google approve your product, you can add it to Sweet Pricing.

3 How does the dynamic pricing algorithm work?

Our dynamic pricing algorithm uses machine learning to predict how each user will respond to your IAP prices. It uses this prediction to select the optimal price in real time. More on our blog.

4 Will prices change suddenly and often?

Sweet Pricing has a concept of user sessions whereby the prices remain static for each user for a period of time. By default, we only re-price your IAP after 4 hours of inactivity, so users will not see prices change suddenly.

5 Can Sweet Pricing optimize prices by country?

You can select what data our dynamic pricing algorithm uses in its decision making. If you only want to differentiate users by country, and not other attributes like engagement, you can configure that from the 'Dynamic' tab.

6 What is the difference between segmented and dynamic pricing?

Segmented pricing is a rule-based approach. You must specify how users are divided into groups and select the price that each group should see. Dynamic pricing uses machine learning to make these decisions automatically. As more data is collected from your mobile app, the algorithm is able to make better pricing decisions in the future.

7 Is there a minimum number of users I need?

As a general rule, dynamic pricing works best when your mobile app has more than 20,000 monthly active users with more than 1,000 sales per month. The more data that Sweet Pricing has, the quicker it is able to learn and make good pricing decisions. Because of the 'exploration-exploitation' nature of our algorithm, the algorithm will learn simpler rules for smaller apps and more complex rules for larger mobile apps.

8 Why would I pay for Managed rather than Dynamic?

Sweet Pricing Dynamic is a self-service solution. If you need help with implementation, phone and email support or a service-level agreement, you will need to subscribe to our Managed plan.

9 Does Sweet Pricing work with Unity?

We do not currently provide an SDK for Unity mobile apps. However, you can use our native Android and iOS SDKs in your Unity project. See the Unity documentation for more information.