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Mobile App Analytics for Freemium Apps

Powerful analytics that help you understand purchase behavior and improve your freemium mobile app.

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Sweet Pricing's mobile app analytics tool shows an overview of your mobile app's revenue performance.

Measure Revenue Contribution for Every Product

The Stores report provides a revenue breakdown for every in-app purchase sold in your mobile app. We track revenue per session to help you understand how users monetize each time they use your app.

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The stores view show a breakdown of in-app purchases for each product sold within your mobile app.

Compare Performance Between Price Points

See a full breakdown of revenue performance at every price point. The Analytics tab shows a global view of product IDs chosen by our segmented pricing and dynamic pricing tools.

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Use the analytics tool to view price points of each in-app purchase.

See How User Characteristics Impact Revenue

Analyze the relationship between specific user characteristics and revenue. The Users report helps you identify groups of users for your segmented pricing rules or targeted marketing campaigns.

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Use the Users report to see how revenue depends on user characteristics.

Send Custom User Data to Sweet Pricing

Use our mobile SDK to send custom user data to Sweet Pricing. Your custom user attributes will show up on the Analytics tab, so you can analyze their impact alongside the data we collect.

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Mobile app publishers can provide custom user data to Sweet Pricing.