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User Attributes

You can define segments by a range of user attributes, including static user and device data, custom attributes and enriched attributes like engagement.

Once you set up Sweet Pricing with your existing Android or iOS mobile app, we will begin processing data about your users and their interactions with your app. This data includes user attributes, such as device model and timezone, which you can use in user segments or with Sweet Pricing Analytics.

You can also send your own custom attributes to Sweet Pricing. For example, if a user signs in to their account, you might want to associate attributes like age, gender or registration date with that user. You can send these attributes to us with our client libraries, and they will become available within Sweet Pricing.

Sweet Pricing also converts raw data into more useful values, known as enriched attributes. These values describe users better than raw data can. For example, our engagement metric is a value between 0 and 100 that measures mobile user engagement. You could use this value to segment your users into highly engaged and unengaged users.

Device and User Attributes Collected by Default

Our client libraries automatically extract data about the user and their device. This raw data is available to use in segmented pricing models and on the Analytics tab.

Attribute Description
App Name Your app's package name.
App Version Your app's package version.
OS Name Device operating system.
OS Version Device operating system version.
Timezone Device timezone.
Screen Width Device screen width.
Screen Height Device screen height.
Locale Device locale.
Device Manufacturer Device manufacturer.
Device Model Device model.
Carrier Network carrier.
Wi-Fi Indicates if user is on Wi-Fi.
Bluetooth Indicates if user is on bluetooth.
Cellular Indicates if user has cellular.

We hide some of these attributes by default from your account. If you want to use one of the above values, and it doesn't already appear on the 'Segments' tab, you can ask us to enable it for you.

Send Custom User Attributes With Our Client Libraries

If you already have data about your users, you can send this data to Sweet Pricing and use it in your segmented pricing models. You could send data about a user's location, preferences or registration date, for example.

If you send a text attribute, you will be able to use the following types of filter constraint:

  • exactly matches;
  • does not exactly match;
  • contains;
  • does not contain;
  • starts with;
  • does not start with
  • ends with;
  • does not end with;
  • is one of; and
  • is not one of.

And if you send a numeric attribute, you can use:

  • equal to;
  • not equal to;
  • greater than;
  • less than or equal to;
  • less than; and
  • greater than or equal to.

To see how to send custom attributes to Sweet Pricing, see our client library documentation:

Use Enriched User Attributes

You can use Sweet Pricing's enriched attributes in your segmented pricing models, too. Enriched attributes combine raw data from a user's device with other data sources, to create metrics that better describe the user. So enriched attributes can be extremely useful when you want to split your users into groups in a meaningful way.

Our engagement metric is a value between 0 and 100, where 0 represents your least engaged user and 100 represents your most engaged user. This metric can be a useful way to split users, because you might expect highly engaged users to spend more in-app.