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We are looking for bloggers to write for the Sweet Pricing Blog on topics of mobile app monetization and more. Guest blogging is a great way to reach an audience of mobile app developers, marketers and monetization experts.


We are looking for posts on:

  • mobile app monetization,
  • dynamic pricing,
  • mobile app analytics,
  • mobile user acquisition and mobile app marketing,
  • mobile user experience,
  • mobile app optimization and A/B testing, and
  • any other relevant topic.

We also consider posts of other topics if they are relevant to the audience. For example, you might wish to write about dynamic pricing, but not explicitly focus on mobile apps. These posts are highly encouraged.

Guests post should not be overly promotional (i.e. just about your product or service), although we encourage promotion if it ties into a compelling narrative.

All guest posts are published at our discretion.

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