50 Mobile App Monetization Stats: The Ultimate List of Links

Mobile App Monetization Stats
Brendon Boshell
By: Brendon Boshell
October 20, 2016

Sweet Pricing curates the ultimate resource of mobile app monetization facts and figures. Compare your mobile app against these industry stats.

Mobile app publishers use analytics tools like Sweet Pricing to gain an understanding of their app’s monetization performance. But these analytics tools are missing part of the story: how a mobile app compares to its competition.

These stats are important, but it has been difficult to find them in one place. They exist in multiple places out on the web. This blog post is our attempt to bring all of these stats together, into an ultimate app monetization resource.

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List of Mobile App Monetization Stats

  1. In February, 2016, 1.9% of freemium game players made a purchase, cf 1.5% in January, 2014 – Swrve Monetization Report 2016
  2. The average freemium game player, excluding non-paying players, spends $24.66 per month – Swrve Monetization Report 2016
  3. The average freemium game player, excluding non-paying players, makes 1.8 purchases per month – Swrve Monetization Report 2016
  4. Of the freemium game players that make one or more purchases in a month, 64% make one purchase only – Swrve Monetization Report 2016
  5. In the average freemium game, purchases over $50 are 2.5% of sales, but generate 18% of total revenue – Swrve Monetization Report 2016
  6. In freemium mobile games, the top 0.19% of players generate 48% of total revenue – Swrve Monetization Report 2016
  7. 58% of users will have a 30 day period of inactivity (churn) starting in the the first 30 days – Localytics 3×3 Rule
  8. 75% of users will have a 30 day period of inactivity (churn) starting in the first 3 months – Localytics 3×3 Rule
  9. Average ARPDAU ranges from $0.03 for word games to $0.66 for role playing games – SurveyMonkey Intelligence
  10. The average iOS freemium app generates $1.08 per month per user – AppsFlyer
  1. The average Android freemium app generates $0.43 per month per user – AppsFlyer
  2. Nearby Live on Android, a social network app with 250k MAU, makes $4,000-$5,000 per month with Facebook native ads – Brian P. Hamachek
  3. Nearby Live on Windows Phone, a social network app with 150k MAU, makes $5,000-$10,000 per month with pubCenter (50 million impressions) – Brian P. Hamachek
  4. ‘The Elements: Sand Game’, an Android simulation game with 2,000 DAU, makes $1,150 per month with in-app purchases – Ryan Cheu
  5. Utility app on iOS with 170k DAU makes $24k per month from AdMob and iAds – Anonymous
  6. Video ads have an average eCPM of $3.08 – Appodeal
  7. Interstitial ads have an average eCPM of $1.86 – Appodeal
  8. Banner ads have an average eCPM of $0.28 – Appodeal
  9. Monument Valley, a paid iOS and Android app, makes $5.85 million from 2.44 million sales with 575k in-app purchases – Monument Valley
  10. Monument Valley makes $14.4 million from 26.1 million downloads (5.01 million paid) with 2.37 million in-app purchases – Monument Valley
  11. Root Checker, an Android utility app selling in-app purchase to remove ads, makes $600-$900 per month with 28k total downloads and 1.5k downloads per day – Rishabh Dugar
  12. Barcode Scanner+, a paid Android app based on a free, open-source app, makes $100k from 52,000 users – Sean Owen
  13. Akshay Laghate makes $4,200-$5,400 per month from 100,000 daily active users on Android using banner and interstitial ads – Akshay Laghate
  14. Align It, an Android board game makes $1,200-$1,500 per month with 10k DAU and 50k-60k ad impressions per day – Raj Choudhary
  15. Streaks, an Android to-do app, makes $30-$45 per month after 20k downloads – Shobhit Bakliwal
  16. Music Player, an Android music app, makes $9,000 per month after 2 million downloads – Ankit Srivastava
  17. Unread, an iOS RSS reader, makes $32k on iPhone after and $10k on iPad after ~6 months from launch – Jared Sinclair
  18. In 2014, Overcast, an iOS podcast player, made $164k revenue (after cut) from 319k downloads and 47k in-app purchases –
  19. DoubleDown has an ARPDAU of $0.42 in Q3 2013 – Raf Keustermans
  20. Farm Away has an ARPDAU of $0.08 with 100k MAU – Pocker Gamer
  21. Vegas World, a social casino app, makes $0.49 per day per user – VentureBeat
  22. Supercell has an ARPDAU of $0.28 in Q1 2013 –
  23. MMX Racing has an ARPDAU from ads of $0.026 using AdRally, unknown ARPDAU from IAP – Fuse Powered
  24. GREE Games has peak ARPDAU of $6 in the US (vague) – Anil Dharni
  25. Plumbee has ARPDAU of $0.15-$0.25 for casino games – GoPlay
  26. ‘Walking Dead: Road To Survival’ has ARPDAU of $5 in the US, 30% of DAU are paying, 25 million downloads, $100 million yearly revenue – Pocket Gamer
  27. WeChat has estimated $7 ARPU, cf $1 for WhatsApp – Quartz
  28. CSR Racing makes $12 million in first month – VentureBeat
  29. Supercell makes $2.3 billion in 2015, reach 100 million DAU  – International Business Times
  30. In Q4 2013, King makes $632 million, reaches 128 million DAU, Candy Crush Saga is 78% of gross bookings –
  31. Average spend per transaction is $14 – Flurry
  32. An average game generates $9.39 per month for paying gamers vs $0.32 for all gamers, 3.5% of gamers are paying – AppsFlyer
  33. An average mobile app generates $9.60 per month for paying users vs $0.50 for all users, ~5% of users are paying – AppsFlyer
  34. Game of War’s paying players spend $550 on average – Slice
  35. Average mobile app loses 77% of DAU within 3 days of acquisition, 90% within 30 days – Quettra
  36. 30-day retention for a mobile game varies from 4% for action games to 19% for card games – Flurry
  37. Average eCPM for AdMob is $7.09; inMobi, $4.22; AdColony, $3.51; AppLovin, $3.10; Chartboost, $3.06; RevMob, $1.00 – AdTapsy
  38. Horoscope Plus makes $1,033 per month with banner and interstitial ads – Borislav Gizdov
  39. TenTal Software has average eCPM of $5.10 for ads – AdTapsy
  40. Average iOS app generates $500-$1,000 per month; Android, $100-$200; Windows Phone, $1-$50 – Vision Mobile

Add Your Own Stats

We are actively updating this blog post with the latest data. But it is difficult for us to find all the facts and figures. If you want to add a stat to this list, tweet us @sweetpricing or send us a pull request!


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