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Support for Android and iOS mobile apps.

Increase App Revenue with the
Dynamic Pricing SDK for Android and iOS

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Key Stats

as of 22 Mar 2022

average revenue uplift
apps using Sweet Pricing
31 ms
dynamic pricing response time

Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Games and Apps

Our dynamic pricing tool uses machine learning to optimize in-app purchases for every user in real time. Use dynamic pricing to maximize app revenue from your freemium mobile game or app.

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Dynamic pricing for in-app purchases increases mobile app revenue by up to 32%.

Segmented Pricing for Mobile Apps

Our segmented pricing tool gives you the power to adjust in-app prices to targeted user groups. Our tools can help boost mobile app revenue from in-app purchases and engage price-sensitive users.

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Deploy segmented pricing models from the Prices tab in Sweet Pricing.

Powerful Analytics for Freemium Mobile Apps

Use our analytics tools to get insight into your users' purchasing behavior and understand the dynamics of freemium app monetization. Our SDK collects interaction and purchase data direct from your app.

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The stores view show a breakdown of in-app purchases for each product sold within your mobile app.

Android and iOS SDKs With Minimal Setup

It is super easy to install Sweet Pricing in an existing or new mobile app. Just download one of our mobile SDKs and follow the setup guide. On average it takes 1 developer day to get started.

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Sweet Pricing provides Android and iOS client library SDKs to install the segmented pricing or dynamic pricing solution.

Simple Percent of Revenue Pricing

Choose a plan for your existing Android or iOS mobile app. We take a small 2.3% - 3.3% cut of your revenue per month.

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