Documentation Sweet Pricing API

GET / marketapps / :marketAppId

This endpoint returns metadata for an existing Android and iOS app, including its name, developer name and an estimate of monthly active users.

Once you have found a mobile app with GET /marketapps, you query this endpoint to get more detail. This detail includes whether the app uses in-app purchases and our estimate of the app's monthly active users. Together, these values form the eligibility criteria for different Sweet Pricing products.



Field Type Description
:marketAppID String

40-character ID assigned by Sweet Pricing.


Field Type Description
hash String

40-character ID for each marketplace app.

platformReference String

The package name on Google Play, or bundle ID on iTunes.

title String

Name of the app. This might contain multiple titles in different locales.

iconUrl String

URL of the app's icon.

developerName String

Name of mobile app publisher.

isIap Mixed

Indicates if app uses in-app purchases, or null if not known.

roughMau Number

Our estimate of an app's monthly active users.

platform Object Number

ID of the platform. String

Name of the platform.

	"hash": "0d39a6b354f2434f090970ced4e9a0a1c20e0a39",
	"platformReference": "com.facebook.Facebook",
	"title": "Facebook",
	"iconUrl": "",
	"developerName": "Facebook, Inc.",
	"isIap": null,
	"roughMau": 150000000,
	"platform": {
		"id": 2,
		"name": "iOS"


Name Description

You are not authenticated to perform the request.


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Resource not found.