Documentation Sweet Pricing API

GET / marketapps

This endpoint gets a list of mobile apps on Google Play or iTunes that match the provided query. It orders results by relevance and popularity.

The app finder tool uses this endpoint to power its auto-complete search functionality. For example, if you type 'F', this endpoint will suggest 'Facebook' and other popular mobile apps beginning with the letter 'F'.

Every existing Android and iOS app on Google Play and iTunes has a unique identifier assigned by Sweet Pricing. This ID is a 40 character long string, which POST /apps uses to add a new mobile app.

We order the search results by a fine-tuned relevance metric based on:

  • edge n-gram string matches (so that 'face' matches 'facebook');
  • exact word matches (so that the query 'facebook' gives 'Facebook' an extra relevance boost); and
  • popularity measured by monthly active users.

We also return matches in developerName.


Query String

Field Type Description
q Object

Search query, e.g. 'Facebook'.


Field Type Description
marketapps Object[]

Array of matching apps. String

40-character ID for each marketplace app.

marketapps.platform Number

Platform name.

marketapps.title String

Name of the app.

marketapps.iconUrl String

URL of the app's icon.

marketapps.developerName String

Name of mobile app publisher.

	"marketapps": [{
		"id": "0d39a6b354f2434f090970ced4e9a0a1c20e0a39",
		"platform": "ios",
		"title": "Facebook",
		"iconUrl": "",
		"developerName": "Facebook"


Name Description

You are not authenticated to perform the request.


Name Description

You are not allowed to view/modify this resource.


Name Description

Resource not found.