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Track Revenue and Analyze Purchasing Behavior

You can use Sweet Pricing Analytics to track mobile revenue over time, analyze purchasing behavior and filter data by user and device attributes.

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Sweet Pricing Analytics tab contains features, KPIs and 30 day revenue charts.

Segment Users by Enriched and Custom Attributes

You can group your users by a range of attributes, such as our engagement metric, which is a measure of mobile user engagement. You can also provide your own custom attributes.

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You can create a new user segment from the 'Segments' tab by clicking 'New Segment'.

Deploy Segmented Pricing Models Direct From Sweet Pricing

You can manage in-app prices from the Prices tab. You can create static and segmented pricing models, and update your mobile app's prices instantly.

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To create a new pricing model, click 'New Price Experiment' from the Prices tab.

Easy to Install on Android and iOS

It is easy to build Sweet Pricing into your existing iOS or Android mobile app. Download one of our development kits and follow our four-step setup guide, or use our fully-documented API to build a custom integration. We're here to help you get started.

  • iOS and Android Support
  • Client Libraries for Quick Setup
  • API for custom integrations

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