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Sweet Pricing can optimize in-app stores on Android apps.
Sweet Pricing can optimize in-app stores on iPhone apps.
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Mobile App Publishers Want To Maximize Revenue

Mobile apps that are free to download rely on in-app content or subscriptions to generate revenue, and publishers are now looking to boost revenues by tailoring in-app prices to their users. Sweet Pricing provides tools to help mobile app publishers optimize their in-app stores and analyze user behavior.

Analyze your users' purchasing behaviour.

Experiment with price changes and segmented pricing.

Improve your strategy to boost revenue long-term.

Maximize Revenue by Tailoring Prices to Specific Users

Sweet Pricing's testing, segmented pricing and dynamic pricing tools help you maximize revenue from your in-app content and subscriptions.

A/B Test Price Points for Content and Subscriptions

Create price experiments to see how users respond to a price increase or decrease. Our Experiments tool allows you to test new price points for in-app content and subscriptions, so you can optimally price your products and boost revenue.

Measure revenue per test group

Group Users and Tailor Prices

Split your users into groups, and optimize prices for each group individually. With Sweet Pricing, you can target users by device attributes and engagement metrics. Once implemented, you can update prices and define new groups without redeploying your mobile app.

Highly Engaged
Not Engaged

Automatically Optimize Prices With Dynamic Pricing

Sweet Pricing Dynamic sets content and subscription prices that are automatically tailored to each specific user, without the need to define user groups or run manual price tests. Our machine learning engine continuously learns about your users to offer the best prices. Sweet Pricing Dynamic will be available in October, 2016. Contact us to register your interest.

Our dynamic pricing engine continuously adapts and improves.

Mobile App Analytics Focused on In-App Purchases

Sweet Pricing's mobile app analytics software helps you track revenue, discover user groups and understand user behavior.

Monitor Revenue With Key Performance Indicators

Get the stats that are most important to your business. The key stats feature of Sweet Pricing Analytics gives you a quick overview of your mobile app's performance. Track the average revenue per user session to measure your progress with price optimization.

The Key Performance Indicators in Sweet Pricing Analytics give an overview of your mobile app's performance.

See How Purchasing Behavior Changes Over Time

Sweet Pricing Analytics gives you a day-by-day breakdown of your mobile app's performance, so you can see how purchasing behavior is changing over time. Our timeline charts highlight the moments that prices changed, so you can see how price changes affect long-term user behavior.

Sweet Pricing Analytics show you revenue per day over the past 30 days.

Filter Users Based on Device and User Attributes

Filter users by their device, app version or any number of custom attributes you provide to Sweet Pricing. With filters, you can measure the revenue per user for specific segments of your audience. Use this information to experiment with new user groups for segmented pricing.

Sweet Pricing provides a number of device and user filters to analyze purchase history.

Get Started With Our iOS and Android Kits

It is easy to build Sweet Pricing into your existing iOS or Android mobile app. Download one of our development kits and follow our four-step setup guide, or use our fully-documented API to build a custom integration. We're here to help you get started.

  • iOS and Android Support
  • Client Libraries for Quick Setup
  • API for custom integrations

3 Flavors To Choose From

Sweet Pricing is available in Lite, Pro or Dynamic plans. Our plans are priced by monthly active users.


  • Price Testing & Analytics


  • Price Testing & Analytics
  • Segmented Pricing


  • Price Testing & Analytics
  • Segmented Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing

Sweet Pricing Dynamic will be available from October, 2016. Contact us to register your interest.

We Can Help You With Price Testing and Analytics

Talk to us to find out more about Sweet Pricing. Let us know if you have a question, need a quote for more than one mobile app or would like to schedule a demo of our platform. We can help you with price testing, in-app analytics and dynamic pricing.