Getting Initial Traction – The Free Dynamic Pricing SDK for Mobile Apps

The Dynamic Pricing SDK is now free.
Brendon Boshell
By: Brendon Boshell
April 5, 2017

When I first started Sweet Pricing last year, I thought that getting initial traction would be easy. I had spoken to many hundreds of app developers and there was a clear market need for a dynamic pricing SDK. It seemed all I needed to do was build that tool, work through my database of 55,000 app developers and get them live.

But, as with any new product, app developers had some concerns. Few app developers are willing to be the first to try a new solution, particularly when it requires some implementation effort on their side. It was, and still is, my job to address those concerns.

The first concern app developers had was about technical risk. Perhaps the Sweet Pricing SDK could cause random crashes. Or it could disrupt the in-app purchase flow in some way and bring revenue crashing to zero. In fact, these concerns are easy to address because our SDK is a fork of Segment’s robust analytics library. There are also multiple layers of redundancy that allow a mobile app to fall back to previous behavior if necessary.

Since launching Sweet Pricing Dynamic – the machine learning based tool – in January, there is a new concern. App developers want assurance, before they go live, that Dynamic produces a revenue uplift exceeding the product’s cost. The most obvious way to address this concern is with a case study or, at least, a robust statistical analysis of performance.

The Free Dynamic Pricing SDK

In fact, most app developers in my sales pipeline are waiting for a case study before they take a further look at Sweet Pricing. I know that once I have a case study and a reference customer, it will be far easier for me to sell the solution to app developers in the future.

Getting large app developers live with Dynamic is an obvious precursor to creating a case study. A good case study features an app developer with 1m to 5m monthly active users since this is our core target market. To get app developers of this size live, I know we need to take out the risk for the app developers as far as we can.

So, today, I have taken a radical step. For the foreseeable future, Sweet Pricing Dynamic is now free for app developers of all sizes. By making Dynamic free, I have taken out any ROI risk that app developers face.

Our free product is a self-service solution. You do not get help with implementation, you do not get an SLA and you do not get an account manager. But you do get access to our comprehensive documentation that will help you install Sweet Pricing into your Android or iOS mobile app within 4 hours.

Managed Solution

So how will Sweet Pricing make its money? Large app developers want extras that our free offering does not provide. They want access to email and phone support. They want tailored advice. And they may want a service level agreement.

So, alongside our free product, we are also launching a new managed solution. This solution will satisfy the needs of larger app developers who want additional support and advice. App developers can start on the managed solution or upgrade at a later date.

Our managed solution starts at $1,400 per month (+VAT) with pricing that scales by monthly active users. Our scalable pricing model makes our managed solution affordable for mobile apps of all sizes. App developers who are interested in Managed can request pricing and further details.

I hope these changes will make Sweet Pricing more accessible to app developers. Our competitive edge has always been the ease of getting started and I know our free offering will reduce the risk for many app developers. To start the ‘4 hour install’ or view a demo account, sign up on our homepage.

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